Featured Provider: Meet Lynette Miller-Volel, LCSW

This month’s featured provider is Lynette Miller-Volel, LCSW.

Lynette is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with sixteen years of experience working with youth and adults. Lynette has a warm, gentle, reliable approach as she listens to what’s important to you, learns about your unique experiences, taps into and cultivates your strengths, and collaborates with you to find effective strategies to improve your mood and successfully navigate life’s challenges.

Lynette specializes in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, communication, and self-esteem issues. Her work has included, providing psychotherapy, crisis management, conflict resolution, advocacy, supervision, and training. Lynette is a leader who is committed to coaching and developing others. She has supervised teams in an outpatient mental health clinic and a legal setting where she advocated through an anti-racist lens for criminal justice reform.

Lynette obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Hofstra University and her master’s degree in Social Work at New York University. She utilizes various treatment modalities including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychodynamic oriented therapies, as well as holistic approaches. Lynette tailors treatment according to each client’s needs.

What podcast or book are you currently reading/listening to? 

“I’m currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama.”

What do you love to do when you aren’t seeing patients?

“I love to play with my dog Bembe and solve jigsaw puzzles which have helped reduce stress and increase positive energy, especially during the uncertain times of the pandemic.”

Lesser known facts about yourself: 

“I am a singer. I enjoy expressing myself through music and have performed at various venues in New York City.”

Best advice for navigating 2022:  

“With all the stressors we’re facing daily, prioritizing your mental health is vital to your overall health and well-being. Your mental health impacts every aspect of your life. Be gentle with yourself and patient as you embark on new changes in your life.”

What would you like to say to potential patients: 

“Therapy nurtures self-compassion, provides support, discovers solutions, is empowering and motivates positive change. Start your journey and schedule an appointment today.”