4 Qualities to Look For in a Dependable Psychiatrist

Finding a dependable psychiatrist is essential to receiving proper care. These doctors can manage medication, provide resources, oversee various therapies, and help manage mental illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 22.8% of adults lived with a mental illness in the United States in 2021. Before heading to the first person you find, look for these qualities.

1. Qualifications

A doctor cannot practice without a license, but that doesn’t stop some people from trying. You’ll also come across people who advertise that they specialize in mental illness but are counselors, meaning they are not allowed to prescribe medication. Before heading in for your first appointment, take the time to research the doctor online and ask about qualifications.

2. Specialization

Some doctors specialize in certain mental illnesses or populations. For example, a psychiatrist may specialize in working with people with bipolar disorder or people with multiple disorders. Work with a doctor that specializes in the area of concern. This ensures they will continuously be updated on the latest treatment options and information regarding your condition.

3. Respect

Many doctors believe that they know what’s best, and that’s true to an extent. Doctors have a wealth of knowledge that most of us do not. However, a doctor should still listen carefully to patients and address their concerns. Avoid doctors that ignore your concerns, talk over you, and don’t respond respectfully. This behavior can hurt the practitioner/patient relationship and lead to poor quality of care.

4. Accessibility

Finding a doctor that is accessible is essential to receiving quality care. When you are concerned about certain things, you should back in a timely manner. Doctors should provide various communication avenues, including an email and phone number. Patients must be able to contact the office to schedule appointments, too. When a doctor is unavailable, patients must have another doctor they can reach, and their psychiatrist should provide this information.

The first step to mental wellness is to find a knowledgeable and reliable medical professional. Be sure to look for these qualities during your search. With the help of the right person, you can feel better and accomplish your goals. SouthEnd Psychiatry understands the importance of a collaborative relationship with patients and never mind discussing problems with you. Give us a call when you’re ready to schedule your first appointment.

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