How Psychiatrists Can Help Teenage Girls

The teenage years are a significant period of growth. Adolescent girls experience an immense amount of social pressure; they’re growing up but still need guidance. Psychiatrists play a crucial role in helping teen girls navigate through the many challenges of the adolescent years, particularly when it comes to mental health management. Keep reading to learn more.

Address Mental Health Needs

The teenage years are packed with things that can impact an adolescent girl’s mental health. Hormonal changes and social pressures are at an all-time high. For many teenagers, this is the first time they may deal with things like peer pressure and anxiety. According to The Zebra, 36% of young girls feel extremely anxious daily. Psychiatrists can help teenagers learn about their mental health and how to cope with anxiety, depression, and more.

Provide a Safe Environment

Teenagers may face things they don’t feel comfortable discussing with their parents. A psychiatrist provides a safe environment where teenagers can discuss challenges related to friendships, romantic relationships, and other problems without worrying about consequences. While professionals are required by law to tell parents if their child is an imminent danger to themselves, teenage patients have the right to confidential therapy sessions.

Conduct Comprehensive Assessments

While it’s normal to experience a range of emotions, such as depression, stress, and anxiety, there are times that these emotions are a sign of an underlying disorder. A psychiatrist is qualified to perform a comprehensive assessment to determine if a teen has an underlying mental illness. They can then correctly diagnose a teenager, ensuring your child gets the help they need.

Manage Mental Illness

A professional psychiatrist can help teens manage existing mental illnesses. They’re qualified to prescribe medicine and provide medication management. These professionals know resources available throughout the community that can provide further assistance. Your teen’s doctor can also provide therapy to help manage symptoms and improve day-to-day functioning.

Involve Parents When Necessary

Parents usually want to be involved with their teenagers but often don’t know how. It’s challenging to connect with teenagers and decipher what they need from you. Parents may also need to learn more about specific mental illnesses. With the teen’s consent, a psychiatrist can work with the patient’s family to provide education as well as address mental health challenges the teen may need assistance with at home.

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