How Do Psychiatrists Treat Mental Health in Adolescents?

A psychiatrist knows how to deal with a child’s emotions and mental health issues. According to a recent Mental Health First Aid study, over half of people’s mental health issues appear by age 14. It’s important to reach out for help when symptoms of emotional trauma or mental health issues show in a child. Here are some of the ways a psychiatrist will assist your child with any type of mental health issue.

They Provide Special Skills Related to Adolescents

Child and adolescent psychiatrists have completed a medical degree and specialized training in psychiatry. They have extra training in the sub-specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry. Psychiatrists take a holistic approach, considering how emotions, social issues, and physical symptoms interact.

They Provide Psychological Treatment

Most professional psychiatrists with children and adolescent skills will provide psychological therapy sessions and psychological treatment to help their younger patients. The most common treatment used with children is psychotherapy, also known as “talking therapy.”

They Provide Specific Medications

For some conditions, medication may be the best way to manage symptoms and make sure that your child can get back to their everyday activities. Child and adolescent psychiatrists are experts at managing medication, side effects, and interactions.

They Provide Behavioral Counseling

Psychiatrists will learn about the child’s environment and what could be changed to help them mentally. There are times when the psychiatrist will recommend those from the immediate family sit in on the behavioral counseling to address the issues together. With the help of a psychiatrist, kids will have more tools to manage their emotions and deal with their daily social challenges better.

Psychiatrists not only help identify mental health conditions but also offer guidance and advice for younger patients when dealing with these conditions. For more information, give SouthEnd Psychiatry a call today.

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